Saturday, March 10, 2012

You remind me of the babe...

"What babe?"
"The babe with the power."

I realize that not everyone has seen Labyrinth. Truly a sin, but if you're younger than me (31), you are forgiven so long as you watch it at your first given (or taken) opportunity. Where generations younger than myself have Harry Potter, we grew up with the likes of Labyrinth, The Neverending Story, The Princess Bride and Drop Dead Fred to name a few. Now, while I don't exactly remember the story of The Polar Express, what I do recall is pertinent to this post. As children, magic is everywhere to us and as we grow up, unfortunately, a lot of us seem to lose our sight. Our vision. Perhaps Peter Pan, or rather the movie "Hook" is a better reference. Tinkerbell's voice has inundated my brain all of a sudden, "Fly Peter! Think happy thoughts!"

Since moving to Brooklyn, though it definitely existed prior, Magic has returned to becoming part of my everyday existence. In conversation with a friend, he debated with me that not everything is magical, not everything means something. To be entirely technical, while I suppose not EVERYTHING has to mean something, I mostly disagree. I think it depends, like many other things in life, on one's perspective. It is my belief that we are all our own gods and goddesses composed of a myriad of pieces of the past. Each our own collage of the echos of both shadows and rays from different days. Enter big bang theory. Enter Faerie dust (and "religion" ashes to ashes, dust to dust). Therefore, if we wish to live a life bursting with meaning (I do), we shall. If we do not wish to live a life bursting with meaning, we won't. It is our right and choice to blind ourselves at our will. We are responsible for our own awareness, or lack thereof and for creating our world.

Anyone who's followed me for awhile knows I've spoken highly of and praised the works of author Paulo Coelho. He is one such being I can refer to who has injected my consciousness with the need to be aware of signs. Learn the language of life. It can only help you. Much like some people speak and understand only Chinese, and others speak and understand only English, everyone's own personal language of life, may vary. I do however believe that there is an overlap (which mostly corresponds to nature). In fact, look around at fashion and trends.

Last spring I was shopping with a friend in Urban Outfitters and noticed a ton of necklaces with Pyrite. Pyrite, or Fool's Gold was the first mineral I fell in love with. As a kid, I was obsessed with shiny things and coin collecting. I had a pink "treasure box" that I locked away all my foreign coins people had given me from their journeys, my special 1943 silver pennies, pyrite and a plethora of sequins I had spent hours crawling on the floor of Macy's collecting while my mom tried on clothes. I don't remember where the pyrite came from, but it was my favorite. Seeing it on necklaces at urban outfitters made me laugh. Outside, there were street vendors selling amethyst necklaces. Gemstones have been around for ages, and used in jewelry for ages but only in the past year have I begun to learn more about them. Pretty as they may be, it is not necessarily their physical beauty that's important. Spirit hoods anyone? Yea. Those have popped up and made quite the appearance in the past year. Some people love the trend, others hate it. I've seen on twitter (and made myself) many jokes pertaining to spirit animals "My spirit animal is *insert celebrity name here*."

Now, I come from a more liberal, "hippy" family. I was taught about Astrology for as long as I can remember. Growing up I recall my aunt wanting to buy me tarot cards, yet being the angst filled teenager I existed as, I held no interest. Even coming out of the hospital trying to heal from the chemo, I was taken to meditation classes, given a Hematite bracelet (works wonders with strengthening blood flow), encouraged to drink Pomegranate juice (anti-oxidants), and had quite a few acupuncture sessions. Though life has tried to make me pay attention for quite some time now, it has only been in this past year, being broke in Brooklyn that encouraged me to explore, embrace and utilize the resources nature provides us with.

Gemstones, are magical. Animals, are magical. Trees and plants, are magical. Nature, that which is natural, is magical. Long before doctors as we know them ever existed, people would go see the village shaman to help cure their ailment. While there may be certain herbs and "old school remedies" a majority of us might be aware of, there is so much more we can, as individuals learn and utilize if only we'd take the time to step back and revisit that which ancient civilizations were adept with.

So I suppose you can view this as an introduction of sorts...because "magic" has become such a pertinent and constant part of my world, I will be sharing various facets as they pertain to my own life both here and on youtube in hopes that it might encourage some to take a look at their own lives through more detailed, wonder-filled and childlike eyes.

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