Monday, August 25, 2014


"At the atomic level, tension is produced when atoms or molecules are pulled apart from each other and gain electromagnetic potential energy."

It's a NEW MOON!!!!
...which means it's time to set intentions. Or as someone appropriately Freudian slipped last night, intensions.

I've never written mine publicly and truth be told haven't even set any in quite a few months now but change is good and feeling very necessary right about now. The Virgo new moon is ruled by Mercury - the messenger who darts between the realms of the gods and us humans. This moon is about communication and medicine or health, which also falls under Mercury's care. Our bodies and minds are constantly communicating with us if only we took the time to listen and remember the language.

It seems in some ways I'm ahead of this moon. I've been eating strictly vegan for the last month and monitoring my nutrition along with running/walking 8-10 miles a day and lifting weights. So in the physical sense I have to figure out a way to kick it up a notch. Mental health is just as important and on my daily morning runs I listen to Theta wave binaural beat music and "chant" affirmations simultaneously. Again, I'm feeling the need to kick it up a notch with this moon. So here they are, the tasks, thoughts, feelings, emotions and material goods I wish to charge with energy and manifest.

1. Write everyday. I took a major break and I'm not sure why. It's a habit I'd like to re-instill as it contributes to the health of the mind by encouraging processing, purging and creation.
2. Draw once a week or more. Another habit that disappeared...They say that life imitates art moreso than art imitates life. It's but another manifestation tool charged with the energy one invests into it.
3. Self Reiki + 30 min meditation every morning after running. I was all amped up and took both Reiki I and II in the beginning of the summer and it was amazing!!!! And then I got lazy and stopped it. As with anything, the more you flow it the easier it comes every time thereafter.
4. Less reading social media and more reading books. I have about 5 on my shelf waiting to be read. The urge to read rarely happens unless I begin it and then I'm ravenous. There's something to be said about the tactile organic nature of holding a book, feeling the paper between your fingertips and inhaling its story versus scrolling a glass screen.
5. Drink half my weight in ounces of water a day. No more excuses for lack of.
6. Opening new doors career wise down south. I don't want to live in SF much longer.
7. A new computer. I don't know how, when, why, who etc but it's the one material "thing" I've wanted for some time now and would help me tremendously with producing income for myself..
8. I'm asking for healing energy to be sent to every situation that's at odds right now. Cosmic vibrations shifted drastically about a month ago and while there's an amazing new frequency available for access to everyone, old paradigms must be dropped so new ones can be embraced. There's still some I've been struggling with personally and I see the struggle in friends and family along with in the media. I've bounced between old and new several times in the past month and this is my declaration that I will embrace the new and not get sucked into the old.
9. I will practice love as the law. For myself namely as that tends to be the most difficult for me in moments, but towards others as well. I will refrain from negative thoughts and be mindful of all that I take in and put out.
10. I will listen to and trust my inner voice and intuition. I will fearlessly express myself, trusting that when I have something to say, there's reason behind it even if I don't understand it in the moment.

And so it is...

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