Tuesday, January 7, 2014


My dreams were so incredibly vivid last night that 12 hours after waking, I can still smell them. (Insert giant grin here)

After writing about song and dance something didn't sit right with me. It still doesn't but I'll let it bubble until it completely boils. Last night I came across an article on my facebook feed discussing the types of brain waves and how to manipulate your own through use of sound. Of course with sound literally on my mind, I had to read it. They included youtube videos demonstrating those waves that generate a lower frequency thereby either inducing sleep, or dreams or dreamless sleep- whatever state you wish to choose. So I dabbled. I've been dreaming heavily, but only remember snippets upon waking. While I'm certain there's a beginning I don't recall, and an end that was cut short by choice as it was time to wake up, there were 4 very detailed "scenes". I remember the lighting, the feel on my skin, the scent, the taste, emotions, peoples faces, words spoken to me, words I spoke, shapes, colors...e v e r y t h i n g. I have been yearning for this! Needless to say I will of course partake tonight as well.

Sound was also presented to me today by way of a spirit animal and now that I'm writing this, I realize the last time this animal came to visit, all the animals present in my dream last night were there at that time too. Along with the fact that the last time I had a dream as vivid as I had last night, (s)he, showed up right afterwards. Sound and patterns...what is a song but an audible pattern of some sort? Today I was given very clear instructions to sing loudly and boldly.

January 7th
Utilize the veil when you wish to sail.

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