Saturday, January 4, 2014

Windcrafters unite

"I have this really weird connection to the wind."
My heart jumped.
"What's your spirit animal?",she asked after sharing her wind stories. As I shared my understanding of the difference between totems and guides, a raccoon appeared outside the car and we both laughed.

Last night was freezing by SF standards yet I felt so warm. I've had several "best" friends over the course of my life and it's never been an adjective I've used loosely. Much like spirit animals, some friends are temporary guides and others, the "best" ones, seem to be with you for life. They're like the pieces of yourself you love the most and everything you admire in a person that you don't necessarily embody but want to all rolled into one.

As I sat across from the woman whom I had been tied to at the hip from 13 to 17, everything had changed and yet nothing had changed. We hadn't really spoken in a few years and have probably seen each other no more than 20 times since we graduated high school many moons ago. Yet there was no getting to know each other again, no need to redevelop any bond, just a pure flow of her to me and me to her. We only spent a few hours together but that time had a sacred quality to it leaving me feeling refreshed. It was a nice reminder that I still have non-blood family here too. And as I mentally scroll through the various friendships I've had over the years that are no longer, I realized this one has lasted for 20 years and that makes me unbelievably happy.

January 4th 1pm
And then I realized it was her. She was in the wind.

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