Saturday, November 30, 2013

Air Quality

Freedom is an odd thing. Looking back, as I seem to be doing a lot of these days, it has always been those beings that blew breezes my way helping me to build my wings that I was deathly afraid of or I avoided at some point. Those who I swore restricted me and who I fought with the most often and most intensely. Revisiting old photos I am brought face to face with some beings that no longer exist in my world, others that are trying to fight their way back in, and a few who have remained by my side. The differentiation between the 3 groups I suppose comes down to both air quality and thus the amount of strength that was emitted from my heart.

Flight, (freedom), begins with struggle. To gain any sort of lift, immense strength must be exuded from the chest, (heart), fueling the wings to extend fully pushing the surrounding air downwards.

One thing I always complained about in New York and continued to complain about in LA is air quality. Maybe I'm simply an element snob. Perhaps San Francisco and California in general spoiled me, but for a sprawling city scape, our air is pretty damn clean. Geographically, we have a lot working in our favor not to mention that the majority of inhabitants live fairly green lifestyles. While I realize many may not give any sort of thought to it unless they're afflicted with asthma or something, the quality of air which you breathe directly affects you. "As above, so below" couldn't be more clearly demonstrated.

People are always surprised I have no tattoos. With 11 piercings and working in a creative industry it's always assumed I have them and they're just hidden. Not the case. The only tattoo I ever toyed with the idea of getting was the wind. The wind to me is that essential life force at work. You can't see it, but you can feel it. Some winds are so strong they cause you to clutch your coat and/or hat to your person, shivering. Others will gently caress your face and lift your hair for a dance. And then there's the kind somewhere in the middle that will sweep you off your feet to dance all while breathing new life into your soul waking you the fuck up.

Those souls that gave me the most lift throughout the course of my life thus far are of the latter kind. It is they who once I gave in to the dance, seemed to play songs my heart already knew, making her feel strong, confident and eventually fearless. Freedom seems to be just a heart beat away.

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